OA-05 Industry 4.0

Dr. Christian Kittl, EVOLARIS next level GmbH
Dr. Peter Brandl, EVOLARIS next level GmbH
4,0Subject area: Smart Factory, Multimodal assistance system
What it is: On the one side the results of the EU Project “FACTS4WORKERS” will be presented, demonstrating workplace solutions that support the inclusion of Social Software, user profiling and augmented reality on the factory floor. The solution should show a flexible smart factory infrastructure, focusing on workers’ needs, expectations and requirements being supported by organisational measures and change management. On the other side the national research project „Assist 4.0“ will demonstrate application of multimodal assistance system in industry. The hardware demonstration basis will be formed by Data Glasses, Smart Watches as well as Smartphones and interaction concepts such as touch, gesture and voice control will be demonstrated. This system tends to support employees in the service and maintenance area by visualizing important information in the form of manuals and videos.