EC-05 STREAM Design of Radiation Tolerant Memories

MSc Tommaso Vincenzi

ams AG, Graz University of Technology

Subject area: Sensor Technologies
What it is: STREAM, Smart Sensor Technologies and Training for Radiation Enhanced Applications and Measurements, is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) within Horizon 2020. STREAM is a career development network on scientific design, construction and manufacturing of advanced radiation instrumentation. It targets the development of innovative radiation-hard, smart CMOS sensor technologies for scientific and industrial applications. A part of this research includes the design of radiation hard memories, able to withstand the harsh environments for medical and space technologies. In particular, low-grade consumer memories suffer the loss of stored electrical charge (that encodes the information) when exposed to all sorts of radiation, being it heavy particles (like protons and neutrons) or electromagnetic waves (like X- and gamma-rays). The damage that these memories suffer can either compromise the functionality or simply determine the loss of stored information. In any case, to design more robust memories it is essential to investigate the interaction of various types of radiation with the memory devices and the electrical charge stored in them.