Exhibitor Info

We ask you to summarize the following data as precisely as possible and to send it to us, so that we can plan the event as good as possible.

  1. Title of the station 
  2. Description (maximum of 1,200 characters including spaces)
  3. Please also send 1 or 2 related pictures to us (insert copyright information)
  4. Station Supervisors: (name and institution / company)
  5. In addition, please send us one photo per supervisor for the website
  6. Which equipment you need (power connections / tables / chairs)?
  7. Do you have child-friendly activities? (6 – 12 years)
  8. Will you be available at your station from 10:00 (preparation and setup from 08:00) or from 15:00 (preparation and setup from 13:00)?
  9. Will you be available at you station until 22:00 or until 24:00?
  10. Your contact details

For questions please contact:
Dr. Munir Merdan or Mag. Tanja Tomitsch
Tel: +43 1 33 126-361
Email: info@sci4all.eu